Smart Classes

JR Global International School is integrated with modern technology and digitalisation in the form of Smart Classrooms within the conventional classroom for the optimal benefit of the students. 

During this Digital Age, it becomes challenging for the students to learn complex theories with the help of books alone. It not only constricts learning but also makes it monotonous for the students, making them lose interest quickly. 

With the help of the digital content that is designed as per the requirements and different learning styles of the students, the teachers can now include information from various sources to enable better learning among students. It is now easier for the students to learn complicated concepts through audiovisual content that can be comprehended by all. Furthermore, the comprehensive audiovisual and textual content are made available to the students through Pearson App, so that they can go back to the concepts whenever they desire, for better as well as deeper understanding. 

Moreover, the school ensures that the teachers use various teaching methodologies in addition to textual and digital learning, keeping in mind the learning styles of each and every student.