About School

JR Global International School is “The celestial Place where a child comes not only to learn academic skills but to become confident, socialized and learn different Life Skills.” 

Education is recognized as the mirror spacious of a Society and an Educational Institution is a world in miniature. Time is changing at such an accelerated pace that offers increasing challenges to Education. Therefore educational institutions have to develop a provoking process and bring out the best. For this purpose, an atmosphere of hope and confidence is created with the right coordination between home and school. This needs to be supplemented with spiritual education. 

We JR Global International School, with the Blessings of Almighty, all goddesses, Forefathers, and beloved parents Maa Vidya Devi and Father Shree Jage Ram Kundliwal create such an environment where the blooming and awakening of young scholars are possible both Scientifically and Spiritually. 

Equally important and opportunity to all students is our concern which is made every day, every month, every year. Step by step a scholar learns, feels, desires, and is allowed to inculcate all-round progress. Naturally, the educational work falls under psychology and experimental methods and clarity. School and Home play a vital role in students who are ready to face the challenges of the world and that is only possible if there is an emphasis on quality education along with scientific temper.