About Founder

Shree Jainarain was born on April 20, 1975, in the small village of Haryana 'Pabnera'. He spent his youth working on the farms. He belonged to a poor family. 

He studied at that time when his family did not have enough money that afford oil for the lamp. 

His father Late Shree Jageram Ji was a simple man. He was not just a philosopher but also a Philanthropist. His father always inspired him. Lotus feet of his mother Late Maa Vidhya Devi caused to blossom the happiness in the premises of the school. From his schooling days, he started to teach the children of his neighborhood. With the guidance of his father, he started his school in 1994 with a very small infrastructure having three rooms only. 

Now the school has two more branches. 

He often says, " A chalk not merely upbringing a teacher's family but upbringing the whole world." 

The JR Group of schools has been serving the country and educating our little ones with great enthusiasm and diligence.