Art Integration

The following words of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore are possibly the best answer to this question. 

In Gitabitan, he says, "When I see the Universe through my songs, I recognize it, then only I know it…..” 

However, over the centuries, as the thrust of all education shifted to livelihood, the importance of Art in our lives, took a back seat more or less. In the education universe today, though at the level of primary education. 

JR Global International School does promote Art, Dance, Theatre, and Crafts, but as students progress to higher classes, core academic subjects take the stage, while Art is forgotten or relegated to the insignificant and/or unwanted background. 

There is some amount of 'stand-alone' Art promotion in higher classes on specific occasions; Annual days/sports days or any other such event that requires a splash of energy/colors/joy. There are very few schools, if any, which might be promoting Art education exclusively even in the higher classes